Theatre costumes

_TITLE_56_ The creation of clothing is the flagship of Famood, and we are justifiably proud of it! An experienced team directed by creative artist Markéta Kubíčková, together with top surroundings, are the attributes which make our tailoring workshop respected and appreciated by professional and lay people alike.

All our rich experience in the field of clothing creation has paid off. A detailed knowledge of fabrics and their characteristics and the consistent following of fashion trends, together with our own resourcefulness, is your guarantee of originality, good taste, and flawless execution of your custom clothing.

An enormous advantage of custom tailoring is the possibility of creating an outfit exactly to your specifications, perfect down to the last detail.

But we don´t sew just suits and dresses. If you want to shine as the star of a jubilee Harley-Davidson rally, then you can´t do it simply by going to a store and outfitting yourself with just any old leather motorcycle jacket. Instead, you need real togs. Simply put, an ORIGINAL...

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