Requisites and properties

Sometimes you can’t even call our tailoring workshop by that name. Our approaches and the materials we work with are not determined only by fabrics, thread, and a sewing machine. We often take in hand such tools as welding equipment, a staple gun, a planing machine, a grindstone, and similar “toys. We are at home working with materials ranging from foam rubber, silicon and latex, to wood, wax, metal, and stone. We don’t hesitate to buy top equipment because of just one order. There is simply no place for an imperfect or “makeshift” solution. At least not at Famood!

We have no limits concerning material or size of the requested prop. This means that our tailoring, in combination with the experience of our team, is your guarantee of absolute satisfaction.

For imagery how far we are able to go you can take a look on photogalery

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