Costume rental

We rent or make any kind of costume. Our extensive collection represents 2000 costumes and carnival masks for folks of all ages. Here at FAMOOD you can be transformed into whoever or whatever you want. Let your fantasy run WILD!


We can wave a magic wand, so to speak, and transform your company party into Chicago of the 1930's, or maybe a fancy-dress ball a la Louis XIV. A huge number of props and accessories are already prepared for your "remake", so that you'll look truly authentic. Our costume rentals will find a solution for all sizes, styles, occasions, and ideas.


You can count on our devoting our full attention to your wishes and requirements. We realize that most people decide on costume rental for some festive occasion, and therefore we treat this event with appropriate respect. A client who rents a costume for a party will hardly have a good time if two hours beforehand he has to do battle with a crabby attendant who refuses to find the appropriate hat- if he has to look for one himself, he'll certainly take offense. And yes, such incidents can happen. But not with us at FAMOOD, first because we pride ourselves on our wide selection, and secondly because this should never happen, period!

When Can You Visit Us

We are open every work day from 9 to 6

An identity card or passport is enough. You will have five days to return a costume, and we will be happy if you return all of it and in the same condition as it was when you borrowed it.

Good Advice in Conclusion...

There are many ways to rent a costume from us, and if you should "fly in" at the last minute, we certainly won't turn you away. After all, our costume rentals are here for YOU! . However, it's best for both of us if we get your order by phone or by e-mail ( ), some time in advance, if you can give us some idea about what kind of costume you want and when you'll need it. Information about the size also comes in handy. If you take care of this in advance, then we'll be perfectly prepared for your visit in person.

You can look in the Photo Gallery section under Gallery for examples from our collection.

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